Delta Dental



As the Creative Services Manager at Delta Dental, I was tasked with refreshing a brand that had not been updated for more than five years. The documents were consistent, but they all looked alike. My goal was to bring the marketing materials to life and to create a system that allowed items to standout while maintaining brand standards that unified and lifted the overall brand to new heights. The designer made this into an excellent platform to produce multiple branded documents all with their own flavor. This particular flyer has a vertical image area on the left. Other documents have a top horizontal image area. Check out the before and after of these flyers.

This is a Small Business cover that I art directed as well. The Small Business materials looked exactly the same as the general marketing materials. We wanted to visually separate the audiences and at the same time make sure that the visual identity remained strong.

We were tasked with creating an infographic that would be an overview of dental health along with suggestions to improve personal oral health. The team worked together to create an affective visual representation of the information.

Small Space Advertising