This wedding invitation was done with a cover image. The cover image is based on one of the most iconic images in the world, V-J Day in Times Square, a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, from the end of World War II. This made for a memorable keepsake for recipients beyond a traditional invitation as they had a “classic” image of the lucky couple.

Citrix EasyCall was one of the company’s primary ventures. The demo for EasyCall was a Flash based demo that took viewers through the features of the application.

When you live in Dallas, you tend to do things in a BIG way. Kandis Thompson was moving on to create a new chapter in her life. As such, she wanted to create a promotional mailing to detail the change. The magazine idea provided an opportunity for her to discuss multiple subjects in a platform that people are familiar with.

Delta Dental is the standard in the dental health insurance industry. The brand has been around for nearly 50 years. However, everyone needs a refresh at some point. I’ve helped guide Delta Dental into a new era.

When Symantec ventured into the hardware storage space, they wanted to do something unique and outstanding. I helped lead the design and production of the first Symantec storage hardware.

LBD, Lewy Body dementia, is a relatively unknown form of dementia. As an ongoing volunteer board member, I’m helping to drive the creative that will be a major component to the campaign to broaden the awareness of the disease.