SERVICES (aka Portfolio)

The services that I provide are representative of the experience and direction that my career and interests have taken through the years. This ranges from graphic design to project management to photography to all things creative. I’ve worked with the top companies in the world to the smallest of one person businesses. At the end of the day, its not the size that matters, but the quality of the work. And I endeavor to deliver at the highest level, no matter what I’m working on.


Upon graduating from Penn State University, I set out to learn and develop as a graphic designer. Graphic design is the basis for all that I’ve done and print design was my primary focus for many years. Print design has been the foundation for most corporate communications. However, as the world shifts, being able to understand and command the attention of the audience with print communication continues to be an essential skill for all designers.


Everyone wants to be a web designer. Web design is the most common form of communication in this new technological age. As a web designer, I want my audience to feel like whatever they are viewing is exactly what they expect, but better. You should feel like the site communicates to you in a personal way that only someone who knew you could.


Designing a logo is always a challenge. The logo defines a business visually for their specific audience and often is the first thing that someone may notice about a business. I like to create logos that the owner identifies with and their intended audience will know immediately what they do.


Illustration involves creativity, art history, and style. Computers have added a component of technical savvy to illustrating, but the essence of illustration is skill. I like to consider myself capable of most styles of illustration and art whether it is classical drawing to abstract painting.


I take a lot of pride in project management. As a PMI certified Project Manager, I have years of experience, but also certification to back up the methods and basis for how I manage projects. I’ve managed projects ranging from a few days to full campaigns that have been up to ten to twelve months to complete. The goal is always to finish on time, on budget, and above expectations.