Symantec Security Check was used as a free tool to introduce users to security issues that they were exposed to online. I designed the logo for Symantec Security Check along with the icons that were used within the app.

I managed the Security Check product project through a design agency, making branding decisions and guiding the overall aesthetic of the application, managing internal stakeholders, and the eventual launch of the application.

These Flash banners were created for Norton 360’s product launch and was an exclusive item for Yahoo! These are the two primary sizes that were used for the Flash animated banners. Additional configurations and sizes were created for static banners.

During my time at Symantec, I worked to unify the product line, inside and out. The original user interface used completely different graphics from the packaging, and the packaging used different design elements than the web. In my role, I was able to unify those elements for the Consumer and Small Business product lines. This also included designing some icons myself. I directed numerous photo shoots to create imagery for the packaging and web, as well as UI. We were able to launch a new Mac product line with a new web site, create one of the first online apps in Symantec Security Check, launch a new Small Business line, and as far as ROI, the company had year-over-year growth each year.

Consumer packaging example with icon diagram.

PCA icon that I designed.

Small Business packaging examples.