Logos define a business for all audiences, intended or not. I try to create logos that will easily connect with anyone who views it while being specific enough to resonate with intended audiences.

Calhoun Funeral Home & Cremation Service is a Cleveland, Ohio based company that wanted a distinct representation that would not only be used on signage, but online and on their vehicles.

Vielka Hoy Consulting is an emerging educational consultant business in the San Francisco Bay area. They provide consulting services to school districts, universities, high schools, and individuals.

The Help Button is an Akron, Ohio based company that primarily provides IT services to small businesses. They also provide technology solutions for homeowners including home automation.

Williams Challenge Scholarship Fund is a scholarship non-profit for graduating high school seniors in Akron, Ohio. They wanted their logo to represent their signature event which is a golf tournament.

Burnett Consulting Associates is a social services and grant writing business.


Green Valley Wellness is a medicinal service provider. Their logo connects their services with the holistic approach that they represent.

Speak the Truths is an up and coming animated cartoon series. Their logo is intended to connect the author and creator’s Panamanian roots. The colors are representative of the mola with a graffiti feel.

SLC is a branch of SES, Spinnaker Equipment Services. The SLC logo was created as an extension of the SES brand. I created both logos.

Ayuh Spa & Wellness wanted a logo that reflected the traditions of India and the practice of yoga while being modern.

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