Web design is a combination of basic graphic design skills and user experience design. Good web design engages the viewer visually while guiding them to the information that they need. Unlike retail stores, web design isn’t better if people need to spend more time on the site looking for what they want. A web site needs to be easy on the eyes and the mind.

Image of the home page for Urban Strategies Council

Urban Strategies Council underwent a complete transformation for their brand. As a part of the rebranding, a new site was launched. This new design reflects the future of the organization.

McAfee updated multiple web sites during my time there, and the enterprise site was redesigned by my team. We wanted to create a site that highlighted information that was newsworthy while providing users an experience that is tailored to their interests. We gathered metrics and constantly connected the dots between what we wanted to show and what users were doing on the site to make the most informed design decisions.

Screen shot of Lewy Body Dementia Association

The Lewy Body Dementia Association is an organization that I take great pride in being affiliated with. As a board member, I was directly responsible for spearheading the redesign of the web site. The primary purpose of the redesign was to address the overall organization of the content and looking to maximize the experience for visitors to the site. Every detail from the color palette to the content structuring was addressed. The site has seen substantial growth over the last two years since the launch in October 2015.

The Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy came to me to redesign their site. They wanted a more dynamic and modern site that could relate to both parents and students. The resulting site provides a school calendar, single page functionality combined with standard secondary and tertiary page hierarchy, clean design, and a separate entry for students and teachers. They were given much more than they bargained for.

Williams Challenge is a scholarship fund based in Akron, Ohio. Their site is targeted towards their signature event which is a golf outing each June. The design incorporates single page functionality that presents the majority of the site on a single page. There are additional areas that viewers can be directed to, but most of the information from the menu is on the main page.

This was my wedding site. My wife and I decided that we wanted a custom site to introduce our families and friends because they were from such different parts of the country. It was our own personal way of telling the story of when we met, when we got engaged, and the nuptial plans. The design was all custom created from the base html to the design elements. You won’t find anything like it!