I’ve worked with some of the most influential leaders of creative agencies and Fortune 500 companies in the world. Having lead brand campaigns and design initiatives for companies like Gap, Symantec and McAfee, I have direct insight into what works, and how to manage projects and people from the best of the best. There’s one thing to apply theory or learn in a classrom, and it is another to be mentored and lead by some of the most respected people on the planet. Continuing education and real-world experience has enabled me to not only sustain my career, but it puts me in the position for bigger and better things ahead. Following are some of the companies that I’ve worked for and just a little of what I’ve accomplished.

Managing the creative services department for the premier dental insurer in the United States is a challenge that my team meets head-on. We insure brand consistency while developing creative marketing collateral that continues to reach all audiences with great success and style.

Gap is one of the world’s most renown brands in the fashion industry. As an assistant studio manager, I managed a group of production artists to help create quarterly in-store and outdoor campaigns, advertising, and all marketing materials. I was also part of the team to launch Gap’s first credit card.

Symantec is a world leader in security, storage and systems management solutions. As the Global Consumer and Small Business Design Manager, I was an integral part in the vision and marketing worldwide. 

McAfee is one of the world leaders in the computer security space, and I lead the web team through two major site redesigns, numerous micro site designs, production of print marketing materials, and brand management.

As a freelance designer, I helped create a buzz for the Citrix EasyCall system with an animated demo of the product.

Yahoo! is one of the world leaders in the internet technology space. As a freelance designer, I created Flash banner ads and static banners for their marketing team.