Wall graphic for department interior wall. Makes use of word cloud, color overlay, and general branding. I designed, negotiated printing, and oversaw the installation of this wall graphic.


Managed the design and printing of this McAfee brochure which was part of a series of brochures for the marketing department worldwide.

This wall graphic was installed inside the executive conference room and covered the entire wall opposite a glass wall. It made a very bold statement as visitors walked in. It was a 30’w x 9’h vinyl graphic. I provided art direction, handled the printing, and managed the installation.

This was the corporate folder that was used by the entire sales team and throughout marketing within the company. I designed and managed the printing of this piece. It was added to a collection of marketing materials which were available from a print-on-demand Xerox solution. I also helped choose and manage the print-on-demand vendor solution.

This is a “pocket” brochure. The marketing team wanted to create a piece that reflected the numerous touchpoints of the security suite. We decided on a “pocket-size” to help make it easier for people to take, but it folds out to seven panels. It includes gloss spot varnishes in specific areas to help highlight certain details. I provided art direction and worked with an agency to create this piece.

This custom brochure holder was designed to be provided to potential customers as a bit of “magic.” The holder opens from both sides. So, you’re always looking at the front. It was produced by a local vendor and handmade. This is a case where function, form, and design are all equally important.